I’ve had “bacne” breakouts for years, and running in this humid climate has only made it worse. The summer sun helps to dry them out a bit, but I’d like to finally get rid of them. The idea of wasting daylight hours locked in a spa fills me with dread. Are there any easy-to-use products I could put on at home?

Mr Dapper: Do I look like a dermatologist? This is a persistent skin problem. See a qualified professional, such as one of the doctors at SkinCentral (tel: 2901 1281; www.skincentral.com). And tell them about your habit of exposing damaged skin and scars to sunlight. They might have something to say about that.
Mr Dandy: Do you have to take everything so seriously, Dapper? I’m no dermo, but I’ve road-tested enough cosmetics to share my knowledge. If there’s one brand to go for, I’d say it’s Murad (10/F, World Commerce Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 3107 0133). Stock up on the brand’s clarifying body spray (HK$345), which contains salicylic acid, the ingredient most people recommend for this sort of problem. There’s also Murad’s acne body wash (HK$350) and exfoliating acne treatment gel (HK$530). Others you might try include Clinique’s Anti-Blemish range (clinique.com.hk), Clarins Men products (clarins.com.hk), and the Blue Herbal Collection by Kiehl’s (www.kiehls.com). Oh, and medicated pads work well, too. I found Proactiv pads at my local Watsons (HK$189 and up; customer service hotline: 2608 8383; or order through proactiv.com.hk, tel: 8107 8000).


I’m dying to look like James McAvoy in Trance. What labels was he wearing and are they available here?

Mr Dandy: I looked the Scottish actor up on whowhatwear.com, clothesonfilm.com and similar websites that are usually helpful, but no joy. From the trailer and screen shots, I see it’s an understated look, which makes me think of Hugo Boss. Standouts include his awesome sporty jacket, which is a modern remake of a motorcycle jacket. And Boss has some great ones in technical fabrics (HK$6,500 and up; Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2918 1802). Also try brands such as Burberry (see its diamond quilted leather jacket, HK$18,000; Pacific Place, tel: 2918 4022); and Emporio Armani (caban in nylon; HK$12,000; Pacific Place, tel: 2918 0699). For leaner budgets, there’s Zadig & Voltaire’s military-style jackets (HK$3,300 and up; Pacific Place, tel: 2918 9522). There’s also a bunch of scenes with McAvoy in a cool Tshirt that’s not your average polo. It’s slim fit and has two buttoned flap pockets. I tracked them down to Ted Baker (HK$800 and up; Pacific Place, tel: 2918 9609).
Mr Dapper: That’s crazy. Films are shot months before they are released, thereby making it almost impossible to find the products purchased during production still in stores by the time the movie has been released. Anyway, I do believe the gentleman was referring to James McAvoy’s slim-cut grey suit. For that, I agree: Hugo Boss would be a good place to start. I have also read that Mr McAvoy has a preference for Prada (Alexandra House, Central, tel: 2522 2989).



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