Who started it? Spanish designer Anton Heunis explains, "It all started on my grandmother's dressing table. It was always covered with beautiful jewellery."

Heunis studied goldsmithing in Munich, Germany, before heading back to his hometown of Madrid in 2004, to craft handmade pieces under his eponymous label. Today more than 200 department stores and shops stock his creations.

Why we love it: Heunis calls his bejewelled pieces "modern vintage", and it's true that many of them walk the line between classic and contemporary, thanks to his unique designs and unabashedly geeky inspirations: sci-fi film Blade Runner, James Bond novels, the Roman Empire.

What we'd recommend: the latest collection is inspired by 1960s French bombshell Brigitte Bardot, with pieces that are crying out to be worn at glamorous cocktail parties. We're particularly taken by the multileaf necklace (top; HK$4,990), a gunmetal grey piece with white stones and crystals. We also like the matching crystal link bracelet (above; HK$3,300) and earrings (top; HK$2,990).

Where can you get it? Anton Heunis is available at Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, Central, tel: 3695 3388.