Who started it? Australian-born designer Belinda Pasqua founded The Sway three years ago in Brooklyn, New York, in the United States. After studying art and fashion in Florence, Italy, and designing swimwear in Sydney, Australia, she moved to New York to work with corporate giant Li & Fung. Disillusioned with the waste she saw in the industry, she struck out on her own. Taking an eco-friendly approach, she uses salvaged leather to create sustainable handbags and jackets. Celebrity fans include singer Santigold and actress Amber Valletta.

Why we love it: inspired by 1970s biker gangs in Los Angeles and New York, The Sway's looks are timed perfectly with the punk mood dominating runways today. From studded jackets to fringed clutches, the label has a laid-back, rebellious spirit. Pasqua's signature motif is a triangle patchwork design that makes clever use of leather cutoffs. Produced in a motorcycle accessories factory in Pakistan, everything is lined with 100 per cent recycled cotton.

What we'd recommend: Pasqua's classic design, the form-fitting, cropped Byron jacket (right; HK$4,263). For something a little bolder, there's the Bondi biker jacket (top right; HK$8,500), with its quilted geometric pattern overlaid with studs.

Where can you get it? The Sway is available at Hong Kong-based eco-boutique A Boy Named Sue (aboynamedsue.co) and www.theswaynyc.com.