I saw a trendy chap (quirky haircut, man jewellery, etc) wearing a suit with the sleeves cut off. Was it a custom job or did a proper designer do it?

Mr Dapper: Are you asking with the same horrified curiosity as those who cannot take their eyes off a terrible car crash or do you really intend to purchase said abomination? Why not just take a pair of kitchen scissors and lop off the sleeves of an expensive suit?
Mr Dandy: That’s actually not such a bad idea but the best sleeveless suits have modern cuts, fabrics and proportions. You, dear reader, are obviously a fashion-forward individual looking for something more than the often dull traditional-style suits that Dapper would have all men wear. Versace’s spring-summer collection includes a tailored, sleeveless suit in grey, with a pink pattern (jacket, HK$16,300; trousers, HK$7,400; Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2918 1008). Kris Van Assche takes a traditional charcoal striped suiting fabric and restyles it as a sleeveless suit (jacket, HK$12,690; trousers, HK$5,100; Harvey Nichols, Pacific Place, tel: 3968 2668). Costume National’s mixed in some cool leather panels on its all-black, stand-up-collared version (jacket, HK$16,300; trousers, HK$7,795; The Landmark, Central, tel: 2501 0308). You might notice these “suits” are all sold as separates, so check out the sleeveless jacket from Ann Demeulemeester, in purple denim with a cross-over zip-front closure (HK$8,600; I.T, Pacific Place, tel: 2918 0667). I’m also loving the similar, super-lightweight, zippered, sleeveless black jacket by Julius (HK$6,499; I.T), which is perfect for the hot summer months.


I’m new to the kind of heat and humidity you guys seem to cope with in Hong Kong, especially down below in, um, private areas. I can’t find Lotrimin here. What powder do you recommend to avoid embarrassing moments and discomfort in this climate?

Mr Dapper: Sir, are you not embarrassed to have asked the question in the first place? Certain unsavoury, private topics should not be discussed in public. Is it hyperhidrosis? An infection? Perhaps you should consult a doctor instead. I generally associate applying body talc with a woman’s toilette. The genteel practice in humid climates is problematic once the dry powder meets wet perspiration. Unsavoury indeed.
Mr Dandy: TMI! My local pharmacist told me Hong Kong doesn’t have Lotrimin in powder form (which usually treats, um, jock itch). I would see a doctor if this is a real problem, but you can also try other over-the-counter medicated powders. There’s Canestan’s anti-fungal powder (HK$78; Watsons, customer service hotline: 2608 8383). I also like the sound of Zeasorb, a non-medicated powder recommended for athletes (HK$54; www.skinstore.com). Random people all over the web have all sorts of tips, including putting antiperspirant for sensitive skin around the area. Ouch! Normally, you just need to shower a few times a day in the summer months, wear clean cotton undies and walk inside the air-conditioned passageways as much as possible.



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