Which fashion brand makes the sunglasses all the celebrities are wearing, with the plastic frames and mirror lenses in different colours? I saw cute ones by Armani Exchange in a magazine, but when I went to the shop the guy told me they weren’t sold in Hong Kong and that I should go to the optical shop next door. But I didn’t see any there either.
Mirror, Mirror, Mid-Levels

The Dictator rules: You didn’t ask at the second shop – why? We didn’t spot any either when we walked into Lenscrafters (for locations, go to www.lenscrafters.com.hk). However, when we showed them a photo reference, we were presented with boxes full of exactly what you’re looking for. Sports brand Oakley has been making this style since before the fashion pack got their manicured hands on them. Its Frogskins, which were first trendy in the 1980s, are hot right now. They’re available in all sorts of combos such as clear frames with pink lenses, and white with pink lenses, for HK$1,000 and up (Lenscrafters). If we’re talking fashion labels, then you might like Gwen Stefani’s Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses with gold frames and gold mirrored lenses (HK$4,900; Alexandra House, Central, tel: 2877 5558). There are some great retro ones at Marc by Marc Jacobs, with purple and grey frames and iridescent purple lenses (HK$1,390; The Landmark, Central, tel: 2868 9782). Luckily for you, Westward Leaning offers free delivery worldwide on all its sunglasses, including the starlet favourite Revolution (HK$1,397; www.westwardleaning.com), and it donates US$10 to Reporters Without Borders for every pair sold. Other brands to search: Stunglasses and Carrera.


I need a pretty, long-sleeved rash guard for my summer holiday. I’m not really the Speedo type, so I was wondering if there are any designer ones to match my bikinis? I heard the water there can be chilly, so I’ll be pleased to have a bit of extra warmth, too. 
The New Guard, Pok Fu Lam

The Dictator: You have no clue what you’re talking about, do you? Go back to whoever told you a rash guard was necessary and ask for specifics. For one thing, most rash guards are designed to avoid warming you up despite the extra fabric and coverage, which is exactly the opposite of what you just said. Rash (irritation) guard (protector). Get it? Now, if you insist on a fashion house, then we can end this right here. Tory Burch is the only designer we found doing “Surf Shirts” (HK$2,015, on sale for HK$1,410 at www.shopbop.com). Available in classic, chic, geometric, floral or marine prints, they’re made from an SPF 50, quick-drying material called Sensitive Fabrics by Eurojersey. Done! We dare you to resist the matching swimwear, too (HK$766 and up). Oh, and we checked with her store in Central, but they didn’t have any. It would be silly, though, to overlook fabulous brands such as Seafolly, which do solid-colour and zip-front rash guards (HK$760 to HK$940; Ozzie Cozzie, 5/F, 1Wo On Lane, Central, tel: 2810 1356).



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