"We regret having to terminate the account with us," began a recent e-mail I received from "HSBC Bank", before giving me the date on which the account would cease to operate.

Three reasons were given:

1) "The account would be effectively terminated due to the recent information gathered from the profile does not martch the background data."

2) "You have refused to follow the link which were sent to the email recently."

3) "You logged on immediately you verified the account which caused the verification been cancelled. This may b our increasing inflation problem which have forced your account to close down serval of its operations."

I could "cancel the termination process", I was told, by clicking a link.

Now, I realise this scam wasn't directed at me personally, and was probably received by millions of others, some of whom would not have been proficient enough in English to recognise the spelling mistakes and other flaws in the e-mail, but I still can't help feeling a little insulted that whoever tried this on couldn't even be bothered to get the language right.

Come on guys, the sophisticated bird CAPTCHAs the worm, these days, don't you know?

Alternatively, I suppose, this may not be a scam at all, and I might soon be cut off from my money, for reasons I cannot fathom (despite the advisory). A few weeks ago, I wouldn't have entertained the thought, but given the apparent ineptitude surrounding the sudden termination of services for Hong Kong HSBC customers at many cashpoints overseas, I am no longer so sure.