I never feel comfortable dressing up in a skirt or dress, so those new slouchy pyjamas seem perfect. Are they just a fashion thing or can we earthlings wear them confidently?
Pillow Talk, Mid-Levels

The Dictator rules: Sure, you can wear them confidently. That will go some of the way to make up for the fact that you’re wearing PJs, but it won’t necessarily make you look good. Actually, dear, this fad is so 2012, and I challenge you to find a photo of someone wearing said garments who didn’t look ridiculous. This year, we’ve noticed a convergence of two recent trends – PJs and printed trousers – resulting in patterned, loose-fitting “bottoms”, often in silk and with elastic or drawstring waistbands. Stella McCartney has done them in botanical and animal prints (HK$6,100 to HK$9,700; The Landmark, Central, tel: 2801 6793) as well as a black suit with pyjamastyle white piping on the jacket (HK$13,600) and trousers (HK$6,500). At Valentino, they come in cheerful colours such as red or green with white polka dots (HK$12,200; IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2234 7193). If you like the silhouette but not the prints, then take a look at Toupy’s Boris silk trousers in countless solid colours (HK$2,310; Rue Madame, IFC Mall, tel: 2234 7880). You can also find them in prints or plain hues and at great prices at BCBG (HK$1,890 and up; The Landmark, tel: 2868 9873) and Zara (HK$459 to HK$899; IFC Mall, tel: 2234 7305). Just note that, although they’re styled on the runways with flowing and flouncy tops, normal human beings would look better if they balance the volume on the bottom with slimmer, form-fitting pieces on top.


Where can I find those rings that look like fingernails that the celebs have been wearing?
Nailing It, South Side

The Dictator: Actually, I think even daring tastemakers such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga have shied away from this trend. I’m guessing they figured out what I’ve known all along: it’s just plain creepy. For those wondering what we’re talking about, it’s those rings that sit right at the tips of your fingers. Pseudo-intellectuals in the fashion blogosphere have enjoyed tracing them back to ancient Asian cultures and making pretentious comparisons. We’ll spare you and cut to the chase. One of the most ubiquitous designs is from Bijules NYC (www.bijulesnyc.com), in rose or yellow gold, or sterling silver, with a snake looping around the finger. We found them on sale at The9thMuse (HK$1,418; 12/F, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, tel: 2537 7598), along with the “pinkie” ring version (HK$1,348). Our love of geometry also draws us to the abstract interpretations by Laruicci, namely the Man Eater, Transformer and Arctic Wolf Claw rings, plated in silver or gold (HK$600 and up; www.laruicci.com). Alternatively, you could paint a nail or two in one of the many metallic polishes available from brands such as OPI (HK$140); or have them applied with an express manicure (HK$190) at Nail Nail (Lee Gardens Two, Causeway Bay, tel: 2882 4911).



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