Who started it? Edge of Ember was founded early last year by Singaporean-born ex-banker Lynette Ong, who recently relocated from Hong Kong to London. Tired of throwaway fashion, she began working with local craftsmen in Cambodia, Nepal and Indonesia to create handmade accessories. Not only does the label promote fair-trade wages, it also donates 10 per cent of sales income to charities that help victims of sex trafficking.

Why we love it: sustainable, ethical and socially responsible, Edge of Ember ticks all the right boxes. Inspired by her travels through Southeast Asia, Ong's designs feature hand-hammered metals, traditional Asian motifs and geometric forms. Aside from experimenting with coloured stones and crystals, she also recycles unusual materials such as brass bomb casings from Cambodia and abandoned buffalo horns from Vietnam.

What we'd pick: the Dylan earrings (right centre; HK$825), which have a gold-plated spike suspended from a black crystal, and the square hoop Suryn earrings (top right; HK$890). We're also taken by the stacked Chamelli bangle (above right; HK$1,399), a versatile piece that would work day or night.

Where can you get it? Edge of Ember is available at The9thMuse, 12/F, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, tel: 2537 7598 and www.edgeofember.com