I've always hankered after a monogrammed shirt, but don't know enough about the right and wrong ways to go about it. Where would I start?

Mr Dapper: I admire your caution. Monograms were created to identify one's shirts when they were sent out to be laundered. Now, they are more often ostentatious and pretentious. But let's begin with placement, which is usually on the left. The cuff is popular, but there is also the breastpocket on casual shirts, or five inches above the waistband on formal shirts. Just below the line of the waistband is the most discreet. Some tailors, such as Ascot Chang (Prince's Building, Central, tel: 2523 3663), will add HK$60 for a monogram to the price of their custom-made shirts (HK$975 and up; minimum three shirts for the first order). Gieves & Hawkes (IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2234 7220) offers the service for free, even on its ready-made shirts (HK$2,950 and up).
Mr Dandy: What? Pass on an opportunity to stand out? Never! They may seem a bit old fashioned, but I love monograms. They say, "I'm a well-dressed dude who has his shirts custom-made." You've got to check out the totally brilliant PYE (Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2152 9288; www.pye.com.hk). Forget the chaos of little tailoring shops - here, the experts make it easy to see your many options without all the clutter. Even the order form is just a two-sided page with three fonts, 10 thread colours, and five monogram positions clearly laid out. Shirts go for HK$1,380 and up, including monogram.


Mr Dapper's recent reference to pedicures got me thinking. My feet aren't pretty. What can I do for them at home?

Mr Dapper: Sir, although I stand by my recommendation of a no-nonsense Shanghai pedicure, at home I only have patience for a once-a-week toenail clipping and a scrub with a pumice stone. Reliable Scholl products are sold at Mannings (various locations; www.mannings.com.hk) including the 2 in 1 Hard Skin Removal System (HK$137).
Mr Dandy: In this century, we use more efficient foot files and even tough guys must, must, must moisturise! British luxury foot spa maven Margaret Dabbs (Joyce Grooming, The Landmark, Central, tel: 2522 2886; www.margaretdabbs.co.uk) has it all. Her products include everything from a Professional Foot File (HK$360) and Exfoliating Foot Mousse (HK$230), to an Intensive Treatment Foot Oil (HK$300) and Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion (HK$380). If you can get past the cloud of fruity scents, The Body Shop has an awesome-smelling Peppermint Cooling range (for locations, go to www.thebodyshop.com.hk).



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