Teutonic Mixers

Metzingen may not mean much to many of us, but this small German city is the second most visited place in Germany for Chinese tourists after Berlin. Why? Well the local beer is good but one imagines the huge Hugo Boss outlet store has something to do with it. Alas, if you can't make it to Metzingen then we recommend you pick up one of these summer looks here in good old Hong Kong. First up is this neat and tidy tailored look of light blue suit (HK$9,400), white shirt (HK$1,800), blue checker tie (HK$2,300), brown belt (HK$1,250) and brown shoes (HK$3,950). If you're feeling a bit more adventurous then look no further than this look of pastel green jacket (HK$9,500), white shirt (HK$2,100) green check tie (HK$1,200), pocket square (HK$300), grey trousers (HK$2,700), brown leather belt (HK$1,250) brown leather shoes (HK$5,500) and black leather tote bag (HK$12,400).

Hugo Boss is in Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2918 1802

Menin pink

The story behind Eden Park's pink bow tie logo is almost too good to be true. Established by former French rugby player Franck Mesnel, the pink bow tie is a reference to his time playing for Racing Club de Paris, also known as "Le Showbizz", who used to take to the field against burly, moustachioed teams from the south of the country wearing pink bow ties and fancy dress - and, just to rub it in, drink champagne at half time. That sense of joie de vivre permeates Eden Park's clothing and we love the big badged button down shirt (HK$1,550) and, in particular, the loud and proud striped pink rugby polo (HK$1,280).

Eden Park is in Elements, West Kowloon, tel: 2119 2120

Best foot forward

Purchasing the right sandals is more difficult than you might think. Birkenstocks are expressly for vegans and guys who love romcoms and the less said about those sporty varieties the better. We recommend you go Italian and you can't go wrong with these Cerruti 1881 black leather strap buckle sandals (HK$3,390), nor the brown alternative (HK$3,990).

Cerruti 1881 is in the Gateway Arcade, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2736 2271

Strap search

Straps or handles? Why not both? We love these luxurious and yet ultra practical Salvatore Ferragamo bags that give you the best of both worlds. Both the basketweave brown calf leather tote (HK$18,900) and red calf leather briefcase (HK$12,950) come with a handy but removable shoulder strap.

Salvatore Ferragamo is in IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2234 7388