I'd like to buy my husband a quality bag personalised with his initials on it as an anniversary gift. I heard Coach provides this service, but the staff at its Pacific Place store seemed befuddled when I asked. Can you help?

Mr Dandy: Hello? Of course I can help! Louis Vuitton's fabulous Mon Monogram service personalises bags, wallets, passport holders, etc, from its signature range. Choose up to three initials, add a multicoloured stripe and choose a lining colour, too. To see the full range of monogram-able products, go to the website, www.louisvuitton.com. The Mon Monogram version of the zippered Keepall travel bag costs HK$16,100, versus HK$12,600 sans modifications. Oh, and it takes six to eight weeks. Goyard is another venerable Parisian trunkmaker that offers personalisation options, on its slightly more masculine chevron-patterned canvas bags. Check out the choices at www. goyard.com and its store in The Peninsula (Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2722 0398). You can get up to six initials or one to three stripes in metallic (HK$2,640) or plain colours (HK$1,320), and it takes about two months. Those prices are added to whatever bag you choose. I recommend the Voltaire (HK$16,500) or the Ambassade (HK$23,200).
Mr Dapper: Perhaps something less flamboyant is in order. Coach does not monogram the bag itself - it offers a leather tag with up to three initials, complimentary with select bags. Not all stores offer the service, so go to its Central location (36 Queen's Road Central, tel: 2868 9676) for further investigation. An excellent alternative is Smythson (Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2918 9100), where a leather tote bag (HK$8,440), a passport wallet (HK$1,270) and so on may be personalised with subtle gold lettering (HK$90 per letter) and/or a motif (HK$140 each) in just one to two days.


I hear people have been buying the same trainers worn by Wendy Davis as a show of support. I also think they look pretty cool. Can you buy them in Hong Kong and do they make them for men?

Mr Dandy: I think it's awesome you want to use fashion as a political statement - I mean, it's not like you're going to also slip on the Erdem clothes she wore, is it? For readers who don't know, Davis is the politician in Texas who conducted a 10-hour fili-buster against a bill to introduce restrictions on abortions in the American state. And needless to say, the media focused on the trainers she wore during those long hours - Mizuno Wave Rider 16s in rouge red and apple green. The shoe is lightweight but still gives more support than, say, those barefoot running shoes. You should be able to find a pair here for about HK$780. See the full list of retailers at www.mizuno-run.hk.
Mr Dapper: It would also be helpful to point out that there is a general rule for converting women's to men's shoe sizes: simply add two; and note 12 is the largest women's size in this shoe. I would hardly call a running shoe a fashion item, however, and doubt Davis chose said footwear for anything but comfort during her, um, stand.



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