A few years ago, I noticed a few grey hairs. Now, suddenly, my head’s full of them. I’m not really that old. What can I do that won’t be too obvious?

Mr Dapper: Actually, I rather liked the advice we received from The Strand (18 Cochrane Street, Central, tel: 2850 7686; www.thestrandhk.com). “Natural is best,” they said, adding that men can look distinguished with grey hair. I agree, perhaps because my own has been salt-and-peppery for some time now. The Strand also suggests a change in haircut or styling might provide a welcome change instead of dyeing. When men do have their hair coloured there, though, they advise a less-is-more approach, keeping it as close to the natural colour as possible. That subtlety will also limit embarrassment as roots begin to show. The Strand charges HK$600 to HK$900 for colouring. Two parting words: George Clooney.
Mr Dandy: I have to agree: dipping your head in a one-colour, all-over dye just looks weird and unnatural. All the hairstylists I spoke to said the same. Toni & Guy (for locations, go to www.toniandguy.com.hk) recommends “paint on” colouring for first-time grey coverers, which allows you to integrate just a percentage of colour to your natural hair tone (HK$700). Paul Gerrard offers Comb-On-Colour (HK$400), which involves the stylist brushing on colour only where the grey is showing. According to Indulgence, most men prefer more natural and translucent semi-permanent colouring or lowlights (HK$800 and up; 3/F, Prosperity Tower, 39 Queen’s Road Central, tel: 2815 6600).


Help! My husband’s cufflinks, watches and bits and pieces are always scattered everywhere and it drives me crazy. Where can I buy him a nice box for them?

Mr Dandy: Ha! The best brands in the world are your friend here. I tend to like flashier stuff, but I have to say I was pretty taken with the boxes at Alfred Dunhill, which range from the textured leather Bourdon line to amazing ones in stingray (HK$2,200 to HK$110,700; Prince’s Building, Central, tel: 2524 3663). They each have compartments and come with removable cushions to wrap your watch around or take out to make room for more cufflinks and stuff. I always thought Elie Bleu’s luxe, leather-lined lacquered boxes were exclusively humidors, but it does a whole series of boxes for accessories, jewellery and watches, too (HK$32,775 to HK$64,000; Prince’s Building, tel: 2722 8888).
Mr Dapper: My No 1 recommendation is don’t try to change the man. That said, your passiveaggressive act of giving him the tools to change himself is rather clever. While I do appreciate order, though, to be honest I’m perfectly happy with the utilitarian boxes at Japan Home Centre (HK$10.90 to HK$45.90; see www.japanhome.com.hk for locations). You might prefer the similar offerings at the more stylish Muji, including minimalist acrylic stackable drawers (HK$100 to HK$190; Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 3971 3120).



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