Every self-respecting gentleman knows just how important it is to keep his shirt tucked in. Unfortunately, it's easier said than done: all that standing up and sitting down throughout the day - and sometimes you even have to climb flights of stairs - has a way of dislodging the material. Constantly having to thrust your hands down your trousers to rectify the situation can get embarrassing.

Enter Hong Kong-based German lingerie designer Brenda Adrian. With her new men's boxers - which she launched locally at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Wan Chai, during last month's Intimate Lingerie Asia fair - she has come up with the novel idea of using sticky silicon on the waistband to hold shirts in place. Spelling out her brand logo, "Y-KNOT", the silicon clings on to cotton, thus helping shirts stay safely sandwiched twixt underwear and trousers.

Adrian, who mainly designs tasteful but slightly playful and risque lingerie for women, had the idea after hearing men complain about their shirt diffi-culties and resolved to give them a helping hand.

The collection sticks with traditional masculine colours such as black and army green. The main material is 95 per cent cotton and 5 per cent elastane, which gives it a bit of stretch; and Adrian assures us machine washing won't destroy the adhesive rubber on the logo, which, she says, should withstand 40 to 50 washes.

Y-Knot is currently available only in the United States and Europe, but will be stocked in major department stores in Hong Kong by the end of the year.