I’m looking to replace the bowling shoes I picked up in a store in Portland, in the United States, a while ago. Is there anywhere in Hong Kong I can do this? I spend the week in suits, but on the weekend I like more retro stuff.

Mr Dapper: Assuming you mean ten-pin bowling rather than lawn bowls, I would like to direct you to the Hong Kong Tenpin Bowling Congress (tel: 2891 9786, e-mail: hktbc@netvigator.com). Or you could visit one of the bowling alleys in town, where you can rent and, in some cases, purchase the equipment. The Dragon Bowling Centre, for example, has pro shops in each of its facilities (go to www.dragonbowling.com for locations). The Bowling A-One Pro Shop (11A Haven Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 2577 7668) is also a good source for all things bowling.

Mr Dandy: Talk about dragging us into the gutter. Oh God, Dapper, you just don’t get it! He’s not looking for gear, he’s looking for fashion. OK, that said, legit bowling shoes have been modernised in terms of look and feel. There are some pretty rad ones I’d be proud to party in by brands such as Dexter (HK$400 to HK$2,300; www.bowlingball.com) and Linds (HK$300 to HK$1,500; www.amazon.com). You’ll also love the bowling shoes by brands such as Delicious Junction (HK$700 to HK$900; atomretro.com). But the hottest one at the moment is the pink, beige and green leather version by Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons (HK$5,299; I.T, Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2918 0667). I’m also digging the mash-up of styles – derby, hiker, bowling shoe, skater – by Gram (HK$2,490; Harvey Nichols, Pacific Place, tel: 3968 2668). The brand is Swedish but its head designer, Alexis Holm, is based in Hong Kong.


I would like to buy one of those kimonos worn by Japanese men on the street, or by Hugh Hefner, which I can sport on planes, around the hotel and so on.

Mr Dapper: Sir, I will gladly point you in the direction of a robe; however, I implore you to reserve this intimate garment for private moments. I have never in my life witnessed a gentleman parading in just a kimono. I found a good selection at Lane Crawford Home Store by revered brands such as Frette, Missoni and Christy (HK$1,400 to HK$5,000; Pacific Place, tel: 2118 3652). For true luxury, Swiss linens expert Christian Fischbacher offers superlative terry cloth robes (HK$8,200; Bed & Bath, Prince’s Building, Central, tel: 2522 5151). For a simple but good-quality solution, I would try the classic waffle knit cotton ones available at Inside (HK$1,100; Prince’s Building, tel: 2537 6298).

Mr Dandy: Ha! This is awesome! OK, so I’ve got to agree with Dapper that you’d just look plain weird, or certified, if you ran around in a bathrobe. Let’s face it, Hefner gets away with it because he’s technically at home at Playboy Mansion. For simple robes, I usually stock up in the so-called Lanes of Li Yuen Street East and West. The going price at any stall should be about HK$120 for cotton ones patterned in various blue and white Chinese motifs, or HK$150 for synthetic “silk” Chinese brocade.



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