Bow profile No longer the accessory of choice for eccentrics, public "intellectuals" and tragic gents stuck in a weird man-boy paradigm, the bow-tie is all the rage these days. For all its appropriation into casual wear, though, it still looks best as part of a classic evening ensemble, and Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton seems to agree, although he's added a fun twist. Commissioning artists the Chapman Brothers to create special prints and animal motifs, Jones has meshed the classic with the offbeat in this gregarious look comprising floral Chapman-print evening jacket (HK$31,000), formal shirt (HK$9,900), evening trousers (HK$9,900), Talisman loafers (HK$11,900) - boasting a Chapman Brothers teddy bear - and, finally, a navy silk bow-tie (HK$2,000; all above right) with a rather arresting snow leopard motif. For something a little more conservative, there's the elegant look of deep navy LV-patterned evening jacket (HK$31,000), trousers (HK$16,100), shirt (HK$9,900), patent calf leather shoes (HK$9,250) and bow-tie (same as before; all above left). Louis Vuitton is in The Landmark, tel: 8100 1182.

Trunk call Men's swimwear has come a long way in recent years and, thankfully, the options now extend further than Speedos (shudder) and board shorts (double shudder). Hong Kong brand Made in Paradise is new on the scene and offers a case in point. We love the old-school mobile phone-print shorts (above right; HK$820) that stand as a testament to the glory days of Nokia. We also recommend the retro feel of the videotape shorts (above left; HK$820), which will satisfy nostalgia junkies. Made in Paradise is available at Konzepp, 50 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, tel: 2803 0339.


Anglo angle JM Weston, the French shoe brand with the English-sounding name, is certainly adept at making rather English-style shoes and we are big fans of the black calfskin oxfords (top; HK$6,550). It’s not all “style anglais”, though: there’s a bit more Gallic flair to the black calfskin tassel loafers (above; HK$6,050). JM Weston is in The Galleria, 9 Queen’s Road Central, tel: 2234 7288.