Nordic nod The world is still in love with all things Scandinavian even though all those slow-paced dramas featuring bleak landscapes and somewhat fantastical murders are becoming a bit trying. If you're still a sucker for Scandinavian fashion, give Gram's autumn collection a look - we like the minimalist look of the 383g hi-top trainer in white cotton canvas (above right; HK$950) and the simple black leather and nylon 430g (above left; HK$1,650). Gram is available at Square Street, 15 Square Street, Sheung Wan, tel: 2362 1086.


Getting shirty The debate regarding shirt tails and when men should or shouldn’t tuck has been raging for longer than any of us care to remember. At The Goods we’re not so strict as to insist on always tucking – we can see the benefits of a linen shirt fluttering free in the breeze; however, if you’re going to put on a Harmont & Blaine button-down shirt we insist you stop being a slob and smarten up. From the latest collection we like the striped shirt with lady bird dots (above right; HK$3,580) and this rather jarring multipatterned number (above left; HK$2,680). Harmont & Blaine is in The Landmark, Central, tel: 2722 9671.


Desirable deviations There's a fine line between good and bad denim. Bootcut, fake rips, patches, chains, excessive pockets, distressed … oh we could go on just listing all the travesties, but not everything that deviates from the tried and trusted blue-jeans formula should be ignored. We like these Seven For All Mankind slim-fit jeans that straddle the formal/casual divide by making use of classic menswear patterns such as houndstooth (above left; HK$2,380) and the eye catching Prince of Wales check (above right; HK$2,380). Seven For All Mankind is in IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2722 9666.


Core strengths For a brand that was around in the 1850s, Burberry is rather tech savvy, what with it test driving Apple's not-yet-released iPhone 5S during the recent London Fashion Week. Burberry's knack for remaining timeless yet timely owes more, though, to Christopher Bailey's clever updates of the label's classics for the Prorsum line, such as with this look of military-influenced green donkey jacket (HK$14,500), grey trousers (HK$6,500), old school crossbody bag (HK$13,500), leopard-print iPad case (HK$7,700), animal-print boots (HK$8,900) and sunglasses (HK$3,100; all above left). A mix of new and old also informs this look of classic wool coat (HK$34,000), red jumper (HK$7,300), white polo (HK$6,500), trousers (HK$6,500), Boston bag (HK$25,500), leopard-print shoes (HK$7,500), sunglasses (HK$3,100) and, of course, the obligatory Burberry check scarf (HK$2,800; all above right). Burberry Prorsum is at 16 Chater Road, Central, tel: 2868 3511.