Shirt (HK$3,790), sweatshirt (HK$7,490), skirt (HK$2,890), trousers (HK$3,790) and gloves (HK$2,690), all from Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Animal-print shoes (HK$8,900) by Burberry.


Floral-print jacket and trousers by Les Hommes from The Swank (inquiries: 2845 4929). Mesh top (HK$9,950) by Saint Laurent Paris. Yellow shirt with leopard-pattern collar (HK$3,490) and tie (HK$990) by Vivienne Westwood. Shoes by Fendi (inquiries: 2524 1339). Belt by Dolce & Gabbana (inquiries: 2751 9188).


Floral-print jumper (HK$23,995) by John Richmond from The Swank. Jacket with standing collar and asymmetrical zipper (HK$17,700) by Emporio Armani.


Fur coat (HK$155,000) and checked shirt (HK$6,500) by Saint Laurent Paris. Tartan blazer, matching trousers and wire belt (HK$1,690) by Vivienne Westwood (inquiries: 3549 6308). Ankle boots (HK$5,200) from Emporio Armani.


Chapman Brothers pyjama shirt (HK$19,800), Chapman Brothers evening shirt (HK$9,900) and George sunglasses (HK$6,000) all by Louis Vuitton. Necklace (HK$4,950) by Saint Laurent Paris.


Floral-print silk shirt (HK$8,395) and black trousers, both by John Richmond from The Swank.


Photographer Charl Marais
Fashion styling/art direction Kenneth Wong
Graphics Cherry Tong
Model Kamil at Mission Models