When I heard that you don't need to be approaching retirement to wear a three-piece suit, I got overexcited and had a local tailor quickly do one up for me. It was a disaster. Should I now fork out for a designer one to make sure it's done right?

Mr Dapper: Three-piece suits are generally considered to confer a layer of formality, not to mention warmth. I tend to associate them with screen actors of the 1930s, such as Cary Grant and Clark Gable. Hence, when I see a gentleman in one these days, I immediately wonder if he is in costume. If you persist in your mission, sir, please ensure the suit is altered to fit perfectly, worn with correct footwear (lace-ups, not loafers) and a tie.

Mr Dandy: Whatever! I think of JT, Jay-Z and cool dudes like that. Three-piece suits are so in right now. Plus, all you guys with beer bellies get an extra bit of clothing to cover them up. It's a win-win! Dolce & Gabbana does a classic charcoal grey one (HK$19,900; Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, tel: 2751 9188) and modern all-black one with an awesome deconstructed collar (HK$24,600). Kent & Curwen has a cool green stripe through its grey chalk stripe three-piece (HK$19,900; Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2730 7026), made from Loro Piana wool. I just love Gucci's slim tailoring, so its lighter grey, chalk stripe suit (HK$21,100; Elements, tel: 2196 8088) and matching waistcoat (HK$7,000) are on my list. It also illustrates that the modern man can and should split up the three pieces to wear them in new ways. Try the jacket and waistcoat with jeans, or just the waistcoat. Go tie-less, à la Tom Ford, or replace the shirt with a turtleneck. I fell in love with Six Lee's multi-panelled mixed-wool jacket (HK$7,900; Joyce, Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2523 5944), which gives the layered effect but all in one piece, with matching trousers (HK$7,500).


I was spoilt by having an Alain Figaret just below my office for years. However, it has been replaced by another store. Where can I get my favourite shirts now?

Mr Dandy: When I first saw your e-mail, I thought: "Is he seriously coming to us with this question?!" Then I went online and started to get it. The store locator at www.figaret.com is one of those fiddly map-based ones. I got excited at first when the search box auto-filled with a few choices for Hong Kong. But when I clicked on one, it just pointed out where Hong Kong is, not the store locations. The best, quickest solution I can offer is to go back to the website and order online. They deliver to Hong Kong for about €39 (HK$410) on top of your shirt order (HK$1,000 and up).

Mr Dapper: We should not discount the local option of taking your favourite shirt to a tailor for a bespoke "inspired-by" version. It may not be exactly like the French luxury shirtmaker's creations, but it is always good to have options. You could also consider other shirtmakers who still have a presence in Hong Kong, such as Thomas Pink, PYE and Ascot Chang, not to mention multibrand haberdashers The Armoury.



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