I am newly single after longer than I care to admit. As I adjust to my new role in society, I would like to change my rather fatherly smelling cologne for something more exciting. I hear there is a “tantric” form? Would one have to travel to India for such a thing, or is it available in Hong Kong? More importantly, is it attractive to the opposite sex?

Mr Dapper: From my research, it would seem that true practitioners need only, er, the body’s natural odours and pheromones. More to the point, I believe that the most attractive smell is cleanliness and that strong cologne of any kind will only be a turn-off.
Mr Dandy: Geez, Dapper, I agree that some guys need to lighten up on the scents they wear, but you need to chill. I think this guy is just having a life makeover and wants a new cologne. The brand he’s talking about is Neotantric Fragrances (www.neotantricfragrances.com), from Sweden. Inspired by both the ancient practice and a modern approach to sexuality, each of its fragrances aims to be seductive, which should be obvious from the names of the scents, such as Citric Metal Kamasutra. Created by Karine Dubreuil, it’s made with notes of musk, tobacco leaves, amber, cedar wood, geranium, and citrussy bergamot. You’ll be surprised and tantalised by the racy S&M image on the bottle when you check it out at I.T (1 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, tel: 2890 7329). There’s also Manic Love, Gentlemen, which sends an even stronger invitation to sex with “ballistic flavours” that include patchouli, cardamom, lavender, cedar and cypress. They both cost HK$1,029 per 100ml spray bottle.


I’ve started travelling quite a bit for my new job. It’s a lot colder in other countries at this time of year and getting colder. I forgot how cumbersome warm gear is, especially gloves when you’re trying to quickly access your iPhone. Any special kit that works around that problem?

Mr Dandy: Google Glass, hotshot! Or simply buy a pair of gloves designed with exactly that problem in mind. There is a pretty wide variety of touch-screen-friendly hand-warmers to choose from. At pengallan.com you can order an amazing pair of Italian leather gloves lined in cashmere. They are called Genius Gloves (US$175) because the thumbs and index fingers are cut to flip open and back, exposing just the tips of your digits so you can use your smartphone unencumbered.
Mr Dapper: Are we so coddled that we cannot expose our fingers to true winter temperatures for even a few seconds? Honestly. Unless your business takes you to Antarctica, I think you can do just fine without. That has not stopped me, however, from admiring some innovations that allow people in extreme climates to use their touch-screen devices without either difficulty or risk of frostbite. The most well known would be the Etip glove series by The North Face (HK$420; K11, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel: 2147 0800). They feature a fabric called X-Static (ha!) on the thumbs and index fingers, plus a silicone pattern on the palms for better grip.



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