Who started it? Swiss-born artist and creative director Monica Bertini, who grew up in Umbria, Italy, in the heart of the region's cashmere industry. She studied communications in Milan before embarking on a career in fashion and art that would take her to New York, where she worked as a stylist, and Shanghai, where she settled in 2001. After working on various art projects in China, in 2008 she returned to Italy, where she and her brother, Luca, launched an innovative music system for spas called Muusa. Last year, she followed her passion and launched Muusa Luxury Loungewear.

Why we love it: what woman doesn't love high-quality cashmere that can be styled in a modern and chic way? All of Muusa's pieces are made in Umbria, home to cashmere experts such as Brunello Cucinelli. Bertini prizes versatility and most of the styles can be worn in various ways, allowing the wearer to experiment with a range of looks, from casual to elegant. Many of the designs are available in pure cashmere or a silk/cashmere mix so they can transition easily into the summer months. The collection is also designed for travellers, with yarns that are super-light, super-fine and machine-washable. The latest spring collection features 19 styles ranging from blankets and cardigans to wrap dresses, all available in a classic palette or in shades of pink, red and green.

What we'd pick: the belted kimono KI (top right; HK$5,350 to HK$6,200) and poncho dress PO (right; HK$3,535). More fashion-forward is the sexy MA wraparound top (top left; HK$3,950 to HK$5,100).

Where can I get it? Muusa Luxury Loungewear is available at Sin Sin, 52 Sai Street, Central, tel: 2521 0308.