I was never that into those drop-crotch sweatpants, but I saw a pair that had elasticated ankles that looked cool. I checked the Topman selection here in Hong Kong and didn’t see anything like that. Is there anyone else who makes them?

Mr Dandy: You’re so right, you don’t even know how right you are, dude. The whole luxe sport look is still hot, but oh how fashion sweatpants have changed. Avant-garde designs such as those low-hanging crotch pants are not for everyone. The new interpretation is slimmer with a natural (normal) crotch. What varies is the fabric. One of my faves is the mix of formal fabrics with casual styling, such as Xander Zhou’s tailored black wool trousers with elasticated cuffs (HK$2,900; Joyce, Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2523 5944). I don’t think I can live without 3.1 Phillip Lim’s “Utility Pant” (HK$2,990; IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2805 0688), which comes in a navy, slightly shiny cotton/nylon mix and has elasticised waistband and ankles. Would you do jeans this way? Sacai makes them in light denim with cream fabric over the elasticated waist and ankles, as well as in indigo denim with dark blue trims (HK$4,100; Lane Crawford, IFC Mall, tel: 2118 2888). And you could always order the ones by Topman online (www.topman.com) if you can’t find them locally.
Mr Dapper: Sometimes, I get the distinct impression that Mr Dandy is pulling my (uncuffed) leg. The only cuffs I wish to see should be on beautifully cut dress trousers. I am even open to turn-ups, as they are also known among those in the know, on either pleated or flatfront trousers, but I do insist that they remain within the range of 4.5cm to 4.7cm.


I need to buy pyjamas for a very tall man. My concern is that he is big but not wide. I need something that will accommodate long legs without getting too wide and unflattering.

Mr Dapper: Yes, most men I know dawdle in front of the mirror for hours, worrying whether their bum looks big in their pyjamas. As always, I’m eager to recommend the bespoke services of one of our fair city’s many tailors. Those who usually make your shirts and suits should accommodate such a request. To add an extra dash of style, I recommend a visit to Moustache (31 Aberdeen Street, Central, tel: 2541 1955). The charming team there will fashion a bespoke set of pyjamas just for your gentleman friend in your choice of cotton (HK$2,500) or silk (HK$3,500), and I’m sure they will be the first of many.
Mr Dandy: Ooh, good idea, Dapper! Just to make sure we cover all bases, reader, you should know that you can do pretty well with ready-to-wear PJs, too. For HK$990, excluding delivery, you can get some from pjpan.com. They come in two standard sizes, regular and extra long, with an inseam of up to 36 inches. Long enough for your guy? In the United States, macys.com has a brand called Club Room that offers Big & Tall versions of its designs. That includes the long-sleeve shirt and pant pyjama set in blue check or Black Watch tartan for only HK$350.



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