1.  About face A face marked by the ravages of time might make some men look distinguished but, let's be honest, only about one in 1,000 of us has the Clooney gene, the rest of us just have to accept our fate. Or do we? There are all sorts of remedies to stave off ageing these days, but we're quite taken with Lab Series' Max collection, including the Age-Less Face Cream (right; HK$680 for 50ml) and the Instant Eye Lift (left; HK$450 for 15ml) that uses a bit of fancy science to hydrate the skin, smooth out some of those wrinkles and get you looking young(ish) again. LAB Series is available at Sogo, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, tel: 2831 4639.

2.  Case studies Mulberry watchers (who are, more often than not, Mulberry pickers, too) may have noticed a few changes at the brand recently, changes for the better that is. Things have certainly gone more upmarket, not that they weren’t already, but the quality of the leather is up there with the finest French and Italian leather houses nowadays. We love the Matthew document case (left; HK$16,000) and tote bag (right; also HK$16,000), in luxurious black micro-grain calf leather, that tick the boxes of great style, functionality and, of course, the finest of fabrics. Mulberry is in Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, tel: 2196 8280.

3.  Still in the game Try as you might, you will never escape David Beckham. Having stopped kicking a ball around for a living, the squeaky voiced clothes horse is now lending his name to some natty threads by H&M. We were quite sceptical when the David Beckham line of H&M bodywear was announced, but you know what? It's actually not bad. Our picks are the incredibly comfortable-looking marled cotton longjohns (left; HK$249) and cotton jersey pyjama sweatpants (right; HK$299), both of which hit the back of the net. H&M is in Langham Place, Mong Kok, tel: 3580 7621.

4.  Spring clean What do the letters COS actually stand for? Code of Silence? No. Church of Scientology? Nope. Chicks on Speed? Not quite, although they were a great band and we thoroughly recommend you Spotify them. COS, as in the Swedish minimalist-clothes people, in fact, stands for Collection of Style, which might be a bit of an anticlimax in the left-field acronym stakes but it really hits home the brand ethos. We’ve been long-time fans of COS’ attempts to do away with the fuss and ephemera of menswear, such as ostentatious detailing and over-the-top patterns, so the new spring collection was always going to tickle our fancy. We like this ensemble of futuristic jacket (HK$1,350), navy straight-leg trousers (HK$890), white tee (HK$390) and leather sandals (HK$1,750; all right). We’re also fans of this look, a variation of the theme if you will, of check-pattern tee (HK$590), sand-coloured jacket (HK$1,750), ready-for-summer light-blue trousers (HK$690) and those all-important leather sandals (same as before; all far right). COS is at 74 Queen’s Road Central, tel: 3580 7938.