What does the name BoConcept mean? "' Bo' means 'living' in Danish and our design is all about concepts. It was an impulsive choice but it works everywhere. It even sounds like a play on the French word 'beau' ['beautiful']."

What sets you apart from other design stores in Hong Kong? "Putting a home together is not an easy task so we lay things out to show how they really work together. Our products are designed with high functionality - like with built-in storage or expandability that is not obvious - and clean lines that make them perfect for space-challenged Hong Kong."

What are your signature pieces? "The Occa Butterfly table, which is easy to extend, is popular, as is our Imola chair, which is a great statement piece."

Tell us about your Wyndham Street store design concept. "The interiors are like a New York loft but, although it is quite big, we have set out areas so you can visualise how products look in a smaller space."

Describe the BoConcept design DNA. "Something that is in fashion but timeless. It is how everything goes together. It is affordable luxury."

Do you offer any advice? "[Our] staff are trained to know how things go together. We offer home visits to measure your space and look at what you already have. Our in-house 3D software programme shows the space from every possible angle, which helps ensure new pieces fit, both size- and style-wise."


BoConcept is at 73 Wyndham Street, Central, tel: 2668 0027.