Caketails - Intoxicating Cupcakes for Grown Ups
By Jill Collins and Natalie Saville


The cover of this book warns that it's for people aged "Over 18", although fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on your perspective), that's not because there's anything too risque in it. Some of the recipes have a fair bit (or more) of alcohol, although probably not enough to get you drunk.

The authors of Cake Decorating with the Kids and Bake Me I'm Yours - Whoopie Pies have written this volume ostensibly for adults, but I'm sure many children will get a kick out of the creations in the Halloween chapter, which has cupcakes decorated with tombstones, eyeballs and decapitated heads. The more grown-up cupcakes include sex on the beach (cupcakes with dried cranberries soaked in vodka and peach schnapps, with a cassis buttercream topping); black velvet (Guinness cupcakes with cham-pagne cream topping); and mulled wine (spice cupcakes with red wine buttercream). Each cupcake recipe has suggestions for different decorations, ranging from the super-easy to complex.