Sleeveless shirt (HK$4,600) by Balenciaga. Sleeveless jacket by Dior (inquiries: 800 969 886).


Jacket (HK$26,350), shirt (HK$4,550) and bow-tie (HK$3,450), all by Saint Laurent Paris. Trousers with leather waistband (HK$7,500) and Chelsea boots (HK$7,700), both by Balenciaga.


Tailored jacket (HK$11,680), shirt (HK$750) and pocket square (HK$380), all by Tai Pan Row Tailors, IFC Mall, Central. Silk knit tie (HK$2,600) and wool-mohair trousers (HK$13,600), both by Ermenegildo Zegna.


Silk suit jacket (HK$37,600) by Ermenegildo Zegna. Silk tie (HK$2,180) and trousers (HK$6,880), both by Bottega Veneta. Checked shirt by Fendi (inquiries: 2524 1339). Derby shoes (HK$6,800) by Emporio Armani.


Single-breasted jacket (HK$24,000) by Giorgio Armani. Shirt with shawl collar (HK$4,900) by Emporio Armani. Pocket square (HK$380) by Tai Pan Row Tailors. Glasses by Tom Ford (inquiries: 2234 7802).


O’Connor cocktail single-breasted jacket (HK$38,400), O’Connor evening trousers (HK$11,900) and shoes (HK$18,700), all by Tom Ford. Cotton shirt (HK$3,800) by Dolce & Gabbana. Silk knit tie (HK$2,600) by Ermenegildo Zegna. Knit jumper (HK$19,100) by Gucci. Glasses by Montblanc (inquiries: 2523 6637).


Art direction and styling Kenneth Wong
Photographer Chan Kit
Styling assistant Tiffany Wong
Photographer’s assistant Ken Lam
Make-up and hair Jolinn Ng
Location Tai Pan Row Tailors, IFC Mall, Central
Model Sebastian at Mission Models