British stylist Stevie Westgarth, who worked at Another Magazine and Dazed & Confused before going it alone, opens up about his sustainable approach to fashion.

You studied zoology at university. What made you become a fashion stylist? "There's a whole side of my brain that thrives on creativity. While studying, I enjoyed science and conservation and they are still a big part of my life, but I missed creative work. I like to think my interest in nature can be seen in my work. I think nature and art have always gone hand in hand."

How does London street fashion influence you? "I lived in Camden for 14 years; there are so many style tribes there, you see really young kids starting their own trends. I find that kind of expression much more interesting than that of fashion bloggers and people who dress with the intention of being snapped. There's an honesty and it's less contrived."

What excites you about the fashion industry? "Future fashion - the development of fabrics and designs that are ethical and sustainable. Joshua Katcher's brand, Brave GentleMan, is a prime example of future fashion, with great modern design."

You've styled some big celebs. Any juicy stories? "Going for dinner with Britney Spears was quite surreal and amazing. We danced to Christina Aguilera's Dirrty, which was literally a dream."

Why has sustainability become your focus? "I have always been passionate about the environment. I think the fashion industry has the power to influence public opinion and consumer habits, and it's important that more insiders use this in a positive way. Since I've started getting more interested in fashion's place in our environment, I've started seeing clothes differently. I see more beauty in a garment's story; how it was made and its effects on the natural, social environment. Fashion has a long way to go and I feel the only people doing anything remotely new in the industry are those putting energy into designing contemporary clothes that are made responsibly."

Why did you move back up north to the Lake District, away from the fashion capital of London? "I volunteered in a primate sanctuary in South Africa and, on my return, I missed the peace of the countryside. In the Lakes, I love being more connected with nature and being able to grow my own food. I find by taking oneself out of the chaos of the city you're able to really tap into what inspires you creatively. This is also where I grew up and it's great to be closer to family. I suppose you reach an age where you don't have anything to prove to anyone and you're able to follow a lifestyle that brings you the greatest happiness."