Hi fashion Every man's wardrobe should have a pair of classic trainers (make that six or seven pairs). We're talking Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike's Air Jordan 1s and Air Max 180s, Puma Suedes and LA Gear Lights. OK, maybe not the last one. But to that list should be added the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars and if the originals don't appeal, consider purchasing a modern twist such as the 70 side zip. The collection uses suede uppers with full leather lining and comes in a number of fetching colour options (above; HK$899 per pair). Converse is in Times Square, Causeway Bay.

Hang loose As the heat becomes unreasonably oppressive, it might be wise to keep your outfits loosey goosey. Thankfully, a lot of the menswear maisons have let out the seams for summer. We're particularly taken by these two looks from Hermès. Up first is this relaxed-fit look of cotton cardigan (HK$11,800), linen tank (HK$8,900) and cotton Bermuda shorts (HK$8,700), complemented with a canvas and calfskin tote (HK$30,500) and trainers (HK$5,700; all above left). We also recommend this ensemble of fine wool graphic stripe shirt (HK$10,700), the on-trend silk and cotton jogging trousers (HK$12,100) matched with the same bag and trainers (all above right). Hermès is in The Galleria, 9 Queen's Road Central.


East meets West Australia - or 'Straya as it's known by some people who can't speak properly - is not renowned for its street wear. And that's forgivable, seeing as the vast majority of its "streets" are dirt paths stretching for hundreds of miles into the middle of nowhere. "Dirt path wear" doesn't really have the same ring to it. However, one oasis of civility is Melbourne, where the streets are paved and jean brand Local People Denim has sprung forth. We fell in love with the Mitte indigo jeans (above right; HK$987), made from wonderful Japanese raw denim. The label also does a fine line in chinos, with the Chorrillos style (above left; HK$863) also made from 100 per cent Japanese cotton. This Australian-Japanese combo is definitely bonzer and banzai! Local People Denim is available at www.localpeopledenim.com.


Graphic content So much for gender equality! While Topshop continues to thrive in Hong Kong, a standalone Topman store is still nowhere in sight (we’re not content with having menswear sections in the ladies’ shops – nobody puts The goods in a corner). OK, in the grand scheme of things, there are infinitely more important issues at hand, like how weak is Avengers 2 and how criminally underrated is Kendrick Lamar? Despite Hong Kong’s lack of a proper Topman, you can find bits and pieces in town and we rather like these graphic print tees (above; HK$319 each) that should tide you over till that next trip to London. Topman is available at Lab Concept, Queensway Plaza, Admiralty.