Who founded it? The Bangkokbased jewellery company was established 101 years ago by the Chavanaves, a Chinese family who had emigrated to Thailand. Initially called Mian Teck, it specialised in creating pieces for international brands. By the time it had passed onto the family’s fourth generation, however, the company had been rebranded as Chavana, a label with an emphasis on exceptional jewellery in Edwardian and art-deco styles.

Why we love it: the pieces are nothing if not decadent. You can expect meticulous Thai craftsmanship fused with Western aesthetics. The brand takes pride in preserving tradition and continues to use time-consuming production processes – some pieces take more than a year to complete.

What we’d pick: go forth into the exotic land of the Nile with the Egyptian Revival Bracelet (top left; HK$720,000) – a testament to infinite patience and craftsmanship, this is your one-way ticket to tai-tai status. Or head over to the roaring jazz age of the 1920s, with these black Deco Earrings (above right; HK$36,800). Those more geometrically inclined will find an affinity with the Classic Alexandra Ring (above left; HK$88,000).

Where can you get it? Chavana is in Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay, tel: 2877 1177.