Easy on the eyes We here at The goods pride ourselves on knowing what men should and shouldn’t wear (no one will ever convince us that denim jackets are cool or that trousers with elasticated waistbands are acceptable). To wit, we’re loving the latest trends in sunglasses, namely almost zero logos and branding, a bit of mixed fabrication and strictly no mirrored lenses. The Calvin Klein Collection ticks all our boxes and we love the classy tortoiseshell sunglasses with leather elements on the arms (above right; HK$2,300). There are also darker frames available (top right; HK$1,880) and opticals (above left; HK$1,550). Calvin Klein Collection is available at The Hong Kong Optic, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.


COS you're worth it If you're anything like us then you, too, have a weakness for Faberge eggs and Stradivarius violins. One of either is never enough, which can play hell with your finances. As summer approaches and the need for a new wardrobe becomes all too pressing (and your jewelled egg and string instrument addiction is spiralling out of control), we suggest checking out COS, where high-quality, trendy clothing doesn't cost the earth. We love this look, which can be yours for just over HK$3,000: light grey tech fabric top (HK$790), white shorts (HK$690), sunglasses (HK$790) and white leather sandals (HK$990; all above right). We also love this affordable yet stylish ensemble that's perfect for summer evenings: patterned white shirt (HK$790) and white trousers (HK$790) complemented with black leather sandals (HK$990; all above left). COS is at 74 Queen's Road Central.


Road warriors Mad Max: Fury Road is tearing it up at the cinema and we’re seeing the film’s influence in fashion, too. The worry is we will all start sporting mohicans and talking in thick, almost unintelligible, Aussie accents, but maybe we’re overthinking things … If you’re looking for that road-punk look, though, take a look at these hi-top trainers from Sergio Rossi (above left; HK$5,680). For the man who is the polar opposite of Max Rockatansky, these suede lace-ups (above right; HK$6,380) are just the thing. Sergio Rossi is in Elements, West Kowloon.