Where do stars like Rihanna get those one-piece necklace belt-chain-harness thingies? When I googled "chain belt harness" I was led to equipment for construction workers! Help me.
Chain Gang, Sheung Wan

The Dictator rules: Ah, yes, the other celebrity who springs to mind is Miley Cyrus, who makes lots of tasteful decisions. I will answer this question out of duty, however, let it be known that I do not condone hoochie mama styling. The key words for your search are: body chain. Nastygal.com carries an array of them, with names like, no joke, Ball So Hard (HK$271). We'd be more inclined to try related designs, such as the Mayana Fringe Shoulder Chain (also HK$271 at nastygal.com. Apparently, both Rihanna and Cyrus have worn versions by Jacquie Aiche, which range from a gold vermeil double vine with one-diamond bezel body chain to a pavé-diamond kite design in 14-carat gold (HK$3,412 to HK$69,783; jacquieaiche.com). If you are on a budget, you can pick one up at Topshop (HK$119 to HK$189) or Forever 21 (HK$48.80 and up). To really make a statement, try one of Giuseppe Zanotti's "body belt" designs, which include a dazzling piece covered in Swarovski crystals (HK$43,000). It's telling that when I went to a top costume jewellery shop to find one for you, I was elbowed out of the way for the last body chain in stock. The perpetrator was a woman in bum-baring cut-offs, a cleavage-popping, tied checked shirt and platform heels. Like I said, tasteful.


I'm a huge fan of Jenny Lewis. I was so excited about her new album and have fallen in love with her look. Do you know where she got that cosmic rainbow coloured suit? I know it's a little crazy and won't look as good on me, but I've got to have it!
Stargazer, Causeway Bay

The Dictator: Don't underestimate yourself. You're a lot crazy. For the uninitiated, Jenny Lewis was a 1980s American child actress who is now a singer-songwriter. On the cover of her 2014 album, "The Voyager", she's seen wearing a suit printed with stars, clouds and graduating pastel tones, what Lewis calls her "magical rainbow suit". It was inspired by rocker Gram Parsons' famous suit by Nudie Cohn. The rodeo tailor's company still makes them if you're willing to spend HK$31,000 for it (nudiesrodeotailor.com). You won't get your hands on the suit Lewis wore, though. She dreamed up the ensemble with her creative team, including art director Adam Siegel (adamsiegelairbrush.tumblr.com), who airbrushed the designs directly onto the suit. Seriously, though, don't be so literal! Marc by Marc Jacobs has a Stargazer print, which captures the cosmic vibe, on tops, dresses and bags (HK$4,190 to HK$6,690; Sogo). We imagine Lewis herself would love one of the bomber jackets at Maple that superimpose cats into outer space (HK$90). Manish Arora brings the rainbow colours and trippy psychedelic look to tanks, tees, skirts and dresses (HK$2,500 to HK$6,400; Joyce).

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