Last week I went rogue. I was blathering like a maverick, a free-thinking loose cannon shooting from the hip. Or something. Anyway, that momentary lapse into rebelliousness has passed and I haven't suddenly become the Che Guevara of horology, principally because I have a mathematically perfect spherical-shaped head that looks ridiculous in a beret. So it's as you were, if you will, and back to the tyranny of "themes".

This week we'll be looking at three nifty timepieces that don't cost the Earth, specifically watches under the psychologically important HK$2,500 figure (basically the point at which a lad's night out goes from legendary and good value to an expensive and haunting mistake). We begin with something new but old, the revival of a classic but this time under a different brand. The Void PRX5 was designed by Hong Kong-based industrial designer Michael Young a decade ago and sold under his eponymous brand. Now Young has collaborated with Void to produce the new and improved PRX5 (above right; HK$1,200). All the elements that made the original a classic are still there, including the minimalist and functional design, large digital display and nylon strap. What's new is the selection of materials used, such as blackened steel and polished, gold-coloured steel. The best thing about the PRX5, though, is the versatility, in that the strap can be easily changed and, by dint of colour choices, the watch can mix and match with any outfit.

Next up we have the Mondaine Evo (above centre), which owes much to a certain Hans Hilfiker, who designed clocks for the Swiss railway system in the 1940s. The station clocks in Switzerland, as far as station clocks go, are world class. Ahem. Anyway, Mondaine took their iconic design and reduced it to wristwatch size. The result is just as good looking. The original Hilfiker design was praised for being clean and legible and the Evo (HK$1,600) has the same plus points. Mondaine has added the Swiss railway logo as a geeky homage. A number of strap options are available and, for a little more cash, there are day and date versions of the watch. Inside is a quartz movement and the 40mm case is made of stainless steel.

Finally, we have the Diesel DZ4354 (above left), which is priced at HK$2,450 and measures a mammoth 51mm. Features include a chronograph with three sub-dials and water resistance to 50 metres. Inside is a quartz movement. The light brown burnished leather strap is a real asset and complements the almost washed-out dial face and blue stainless-steel case.