If you don’t have the time (or the money) for a proper spa treatment, you can still enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with Jurlique’s Essential Oils (HK$250 to HK$440/10ml). Each scent has its own benefit – rosemary enhances memory and improves concentration while Australian sandalwood calms and soothes the mind. Vaporise it with an oil burner or create a massage oil by adding jojoba.

Paul & Joe ’s The Oil (HK$380/150ml), the main ingredient of which is olive oil, can be used on the face, body and even hair. The moisturising oil is quickly absorbed into the skin, and to keep your fingers non-greasy, there’s Paul & Joe’s facial cotton, specifically designed to apply oil evenly over the skin.

Japanese brand Three’s Y Line Oil (HK$400/200ml) is designed to be used on the T-zone area of the face. Warm up the product in your palm then apply it to the bridge of your nose and gently massage until it’s fully absorbed. The oil is said to unclog pores and it contains lavender oil, which helps you relax.

Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Nourishing Milk (HK$750/30ml) combines the brand’s iconic Extra Face Oil with a cream. With ingredients such as jojoba, sesame and olive oil, the product is highly moisturising. The emulsified oil milk formula is lightweight, making it easier to spread and layer with other products.