Post Magazine: April 13 | South China Morning Post
About the bush: trekking through Tanzania

A six-day, 150-kilometre trek through the Tanzanian wilderness offers a sense of purpose a regular safari would not have. Words and pictures by Andrea Oschetti.

Casualties of ore: tin mining is devastating the Indonesian island of Bangka

On the Indonesian island of Bangka, which provides 30 per cent of the world's tin - a vital component in the gadgetry few of us can do without - large-scale illegal mining is ravaging the...

The Lone Flag: Macau's WWII British consul

An extract from The Lone Flag, the memoir of Britain's wartime consul in Macau.

The Lone Flag: Macau's WWII British consul

The seeds of materialism were sown millions of years ago, writes Alison George, as she traces the history of our passion for possession.


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