Stews typically need a long simmer, but some quick and easy versions can be just as delicious.

In northern Thailand’s Mae Salong, where the Kuomintang’s ‘lost army’ put down its roots, tea and coffee plants have replaced the opium poppies that once provided a living. Words and pictures by...

Gruesomely disfigured, shunned by society and often penniless, victims deal with the harsh realities caused by a malicious attack, writes Tibor Krausz.

One hundred years after the Panama Canal opened for business, reminders of life when the great waterway was US territory abound. Pictures by Matias Costa.

Nestled between India and China, Nepal is seen as strategically valuable to both giants, as they jostle for supremacy over the impoverished nation. Dinah Gardner reports.

An oddly shaped apartment posed a decorating challenge, but some clever furnishings make use of its tricky nooks and crannies.

Use your head to stand this autumn.

The Johannesburg-based award-winning journalist and author talks to Jenni Marsh about being Chinese under apartheid and her parents' flight from Guangdong.

I was going to begin this week with a vitriolic diatribe aimed at that smug and obnoxious **** Gordon Ramsay, but I realised that, as much as he gets my goat, there're only so many asterisks we...


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