You don't need foie gras to make poultry livers delicious, just preparation, complementary ingredients and a little patience.

As if it didn't have enough to wow visitors already, the Kerala port city has now established India's first art biennale. Words and pictures by Amrit Dhillon.

Cockfighting may be frowned upon elsewhere, but in the Philippines it is a legal national pastime. Kit Gillet gets a bird's eye view of the action. Pictures by Jeffrey Lau.

How can a raging conflict claim so many lives yet be so overlooked, asks David Eimer, in the first of a two-part series on the insurgency in southern Thailand. Pictures by Andrew Chant.

The Shining Jazzy Chorus is thriving, giving voice to Beijing's LGBT community and proving that Chinese society is becoming more accepting, writes Laura Fitch.

Brave the elements this winter with a structured coat and rich textures.

A family of four prefers to stay in and invite friends over, a renovation having given them ample space in which to play.

The peace activist, walker, educator and former monk talks to Fionnuala McHugh about nature and nurture.

It's a cold place, Vancouver, and not just weather-wise. A recent survey found it the least friendly city in Canada for immigrants.


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