Post Magazine: July 21 | South China Morning Post
Hot spots: Sukoon, Dal Lake

Sukoon has raised the houseboat experience on Dal Lake, in Srinagar, the capital of India's Kashmir region, to a higher level of style and comfort.

Out on a limb

The world's first and only hospital dedicated to elephants is pushing forward the science of prosthetics to help crippled pachyderms get back on their feet

Deck and call

The rise of the super-rich, and a surge in the number of superyachts, has opened up a sea of possibilities for those willing to serve them

Deck and call

New York's Chinatown has long been a magnet for tourists.

Channel hop

Bruce Lee, Hong Kong's iconic martial artist and movie star (below), is being celebrated in an exhibition, titled "Bruce Lee: Kung Fu. Art.

Channel hop

It's been three years since a ragtag bunch of graduates interested in "upcycling" discarded materials formed the Cave Creative Workshop. Now the seven-member collective is a regular fixture on...


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