Well healed: the sights and scars of Sarajevo

Sarajevo has had a turbulent history and, now laughter has replaced gunfire in the Bosnian capital, locals are showing off the scars. Words and pictures by Tim Pile.

The cast of Downton Abbey come to the aid of Guangxi’s moon bears

Mrs Patmore, aka Lesley Nicol, with a little help from her Downton Abbey colleagues and a converted bile farmer, is on a mission to save China's captive moon bears, writes Simon Parry.

Ferran Adria: a man with a very big plan

Three years after closing his El Bulli restaurant, chef Ferran Adria finds himself busier than ever, writes Susan Jung.

Ferran Adria: a man with a very big plan

Urbanisation is changing the face of Asia but what’s next for the continent’s city dwellers, asks Vanessa Collingridge, in the last of a three-part series.