In the off-season, North Yorkshire still enchants, from harbour views to the Harry Potter train. Words and pictures by Martin Williams.

Modern style was achieved with traditional techniques in a typical Hong Kong high-rise.

Doing what comes naturally to a Norwegian, Cecilie Gamst Berg undertakes an exploration of Hong Kong Island. As she soon discovers, however, hiking all the way around is easier said than done.

The country had no filmmaking culture under Gaddafi; just a propaganda machine. Days after a film sparked violence across Libya, Steve Rose witnesses the budding of a national cinema.

As Sputnik 1 blasted into orbit, Soviet violinist David Oistrakh stepped off a plane in Beijing. His now reissued music would have a lasting impact in China, finds Oliver Chou.

The French photographer and artist, known only by initials, explains to Lana Lam why he and the major brands are 'enemies on the street'.

Two delicious, simple soups; one casual, one comforting.

Strike a sophisticated note for autumn-winter with the timeless black and white pairing.

While Hong Kong grumbles about floods of mainland visitors - muttering about denuded shop shelves and their "uncouth" cousins slurping noodles on the MTR, ...


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