Light and delicate, cellophane noodles will be as flavoursome as the ingredients they are cooked with.

Language courses allow visitors to soak up Germany's culture while honing a useful skill - and if it all becomes a bit too much, a beer garden is never far away. Joyce Man reports.

Multimillion-dollar supercars are a common sight on Hong Kong’s congested roads. Mark Sharp looks at some of the rarest sets of wheels in town. Pictures by Daryl Chapman.

The Miss Holocaust Survivor pageant is aimed at giving its remarkable contestants a taste of the youth that was taken from them. Aya Lowe attends the controversial event.

Thirty years is a long time in the world of literature, but a quick read of his crystal ball tells Ewan Morrison we will soon be turning the page on ebooks, the Western tradition – and the truth...

This season sees the rise of industrial chic, with reworked camo prints, military cuts and pops of colour. 

The Irish priest and former Wah Yan College teacher, who celebrated his 100th birthday on Friday, revisits a century of memories, both good and painful, with Fionnuala McHugh.

A most unusual 2,200 sq ft apartment with an expansive terrace blurs the interior-exterior divide.

The Australian wine critic, who recently spent his 75th birthday in Hong Kong, talks about mixing wine with the law and how he combats palate fatigue.


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