The legendary W113, a two-seater roadster coupé (pictured), made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1963, and has since been revered by auto-fans as one of the most beautiful cars made. Known as the Pagoda for the slightly peaked shape of its patented, unmistakable hard top, the specimen you see here was lovingly restored by Vilner with a carefully considered rehaul of its interior and light exterior tweaking. The colour palette, warm and sepia-toned, recalls the glory days of automobile manufacture. Most striking is its plush, two-tone leather upholstery, which is quilted in contrast stitching. The Pagoda's chrome elements have been gently polished back to a near-perfect gleam, and the mahogany steering wheel given a new varnish. This "Gentle Pagoda" has been adorned with its new monogram in strategic positions: engraved in aluminium on the door ledges and sewn onto the leather interior.