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Hit the road in style with suits and vests topped off with a baker's boy hat. Casual dressing never looked so good



Knitted turtleneck top (HK$5,600),shirt (HK$4,800), striped long coatwith belt (HK$14,300) and striped trousers (HK$7,600), all by Prada.Wide brimmed hat (HK$2,700) by Giorgio Armani. Leather boots by Dior Homme (inquiries 2524 8277). Leather bag (HK$12,000) by Emporio Armani.




Leather belt (HK$3,900) byDolce & Gabbana. Striped shirt (HK$5,190) by Givenchy. Leather blouson with knitted wool sleeves (HK$29,780) by Bottega Veneta. Tailored shorts by Qasimi Homme from The Swank (inquiries 2363 8160). Wide brimmed hat (HK$2,000) by Emporio Armani.








Cotton canvas blouson with sheepskin collar and horsehair bird embroidery (HK$39,000), poplin button-down collared shirt with horsehair bird embroidery (HK$25,000) and skinny tie, all by Dior Homme. Striped trousers (HK$7,100) by Prada. Black wing-tip sneakers by Givenchy. Leather belt (HK$4,450) by Louis Vuitton. Hat (HK$2,700) by Giorgio Armani.








Striped knit sweater (HK$3,600)by Emporio Armani. Long coat by Qasimi Homme from The Swank (inquiries 2363 8160). Trousers (HK$9,200) by Giorgio Armani. Cashmere flannel cap (HK$3,500) by Dior Homme. Patterned leather brogues (HK$12,200) by Prada. Knitted gloves (HK$2,200) by Louis Vuitton.




Patterned shirt (HK$5,100), knitted turtle neck (HK$5,600) and gilet (HK$18,100) all by Prada. Patched patterned trousers by Vivienne Westwood (inquiries: 3549 6308). Wide brimmed hat (HK$2,000) by Emporio Armani. Leather boots by Dior Homme (inquiries 2524 8277). Suede patchwork bag (HK$24,000) by Burberry Prorsum.








Norwegian print knitted jacket(HK$24,000) by Giorgio Armani.Wide brimmed hat (HK$2,000)by Emporio Armani.











Checked wool coat (HK$15,900) by Vivienne Westwood. Cotton shirt (HK$4,180) and nappa leather duffel bag (HK$26,700) both by Bottega Veneta. Tartan-print rubber top by Qasimi Homme, from The Swank. Full-pleated wool trousers with adjustable waist (HK$8,100) by Dior Homme. Leather gloves (HK$1,500), leather boots (HK$6,700) and baker's boy hat (HK$2,800)all by Giorgio Armani.







Double-breasted woolcoat (HK$18,000), zip-up herringbone top (HK$5,300) and double-fastening waistcoat (HK$8,600)all by Giorgio Armani.Wide brimmed hat (HK$2,000) by Emporio Armani. Knitted wool gloves (HK$2,200) by Louis Vuitton.










Knitted turtleneck top (HK$5,600) by Prada. Embroidered jacket (HK$197,100) by Dolce & Gabbana. Leather studded gloves (HK$5,900) by Burberry Prorsum. Tailored shorts by Qasimi Homme from The Swank (inquiries 2363 8160). Baker’s boy hat (HK$2,800) by Giorgio Armani.





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