Showtime Collection for BD (2007) 
For the Showtime Collection for BD Ediciones de Diseño, Hayon was inspired by classical MGM musicals. The home furniture collection features a lounger with a hood and leather-padded interior, and optional foot rest. The collection includes tables, a two-seater, and various accessories all emphasising Hayon's trademark sleek curves and glossy surfaces. Hayon incorporated some pieces from this collection for the interior of La Terraza del Casino.







Crystal Candy Set for Baccarat (2009) 
First presented at the Baccarat Salle de Bal in Paris, the collection is a fusion of crystal and ceramic. A stylistic undertaking with fruity inspirations, Hayon has mixed coloured cut crystal and gold engravings, with metallic ceramics. Guided by the search for colour and material combinations, Hayon's fanciful style is evident through use of textures, ceramics, and diverse crystal-cutting techniques.





Orolog (2012)
Established by Hayon and Ian Lowe to design and manufacture timepieces, Orolog's first collection comprises three simple functions and three chronographs using multiple materials within a clean and simple design. Hayon's design signature is conspicuous across the Swiss-made Orolog range: an organically shaped case, typographic details for numerals, quilted texture dial face, complemented by coloured leather straps from Hermès.




La Terraza del Casino, Madrid (2007) 
The interior of this Michelin-starred restaurant seems restrained considering what Hayon is capable of - perhaps intentional so as not to detract from the culinary experience. Hayon explores the balance of an aesthetic link between past and future embossing his personal style throughout the restaurant, including some pieces from his collections.