Ed Ng co-founded awardwinning interior design firm AB Concept in 2001. Its portfolio spans luxury hotels to fine-dining restaurants and high-end properties, such as W Retreat & Spa Bali - Seminyak, On Pedder stores, Pacific Place  Apartments and the Bellagio Hotel at Dubai Pearl, expected to open in 2015.


With a cool HK$10 million budget, interior designer Ed Ng, of AB Concept, has come up with a walk-in closet design that would make Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City one pale in comparison.

"For me, the true luxury of a walk-in closet is for the owner to see everything at one glance," says Ng, co-founder and director of the Hong Kong-based hospitality powerhouse.

Ng envisions a set of double-tier closets that are shaped like two rings, connected with a hydraulic cylinder.

The lower tier will be for work wear and evening gowns whereas the upper tier will be for casual wear. The upper inner ring can go down to ground level for easy access. Adding to its wow factor, the device also provides extra storage space.

"The reason I chose a circular design is because people tend to forget about the items hidden around the corner and that's absolutely what I hate to see," he says.

To add an extra luxe touch, the interior of the closets will be lined with Alcantara - a synthetic suede that's soft enough not to scratch any of your delicate clothing and is mould and mildew resistant.

The four corners of the space will be made into different storage rooms for suitcases, laundry, leather and fur goodies, and a secured vault for watches, jewellery and other precious accessories.

"For jetsetters like me who are always on the road, suitcases are very important and that's why I think they deserve their own space," Ng says.

An independent air conditioning system will be installed inside the room for leather and fur goodies and, instead of having several safes, Ng designs a "strong room" with its own extra security system.

You need to go through the end wall to access the four rooms. For the end wall, Ng designs floor-length cabinets for shoes.

"I want to put the shoe cabinets at the most dominating spot because I feel shoes are the most important accessories," he says. "You can get away with so-so suits and impeccable shoes, but even a Tom Ford tux can't save a lousy pair of shoes."

In terms of the lighting, Ng wants a design that maximises the use of skylight.

"The glass, however, needs to be UV-proofed. We'll also design two sets of lighting which simulate the light of day and night to help you plan outfits for either a lunch or an evening party," he says.

For feel-good elements, Ng plans to cover the floor with leather tiles and use a large ottoman as a centrepiece. The closet will have its own Champagne mini bar and sound system. Ng also handpicked an artwork entitled Bazaar Mirror by Mattia Bonetti for the closet.

"It's a fun interpretation on accessories that matches the theme of the closet very well," he says.

To help the owner with the dressing-up process, Ng has designed a three-way mirror with matching platforms.

"It will also come in handy if your tailor needs to take your measurements - you can do it in the comfort of your own home," he says. "With a closet like this, I'll probably be spending a good few hours in there."