London Fashion Week may have ended a month ago, but like the undulating ripples that continue long after a stone makes its dramatic splash into a pool, we’re still feeling the effects of one of the season’s biggest style events. It seems that everywhere we look lately, there’s a Brit who’s just being incredibly, infuriatingly cool.

It seems the birthplace of Yorkshire puddings, greyhound racing and J. K. Rowling has produced more than its fair share of style icons of late, and we’re quite happy to look to them for inspiration this month, particularly as the weather has gotten appropriately grey and rainy.

We get Ziggy with it at the David Bowie exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum, a project that was three years in the making and showcases everything from the music legend’s personal drawings to audio clips to his instruments. And of course, the costumes, costumes, costumes. Bowie was known for expressing himself through both his music and his clothing, and the exhibition pays homage to his bold, OTT fashion choices over the years.

Then there’s Burberry beauty Cara Delevingne, who has flitted – temporarily – from the catwalk to the silver screen, as she raises a bushy eyebrow as Princess Sorokina on Anna Karenina. Fellow model Edie Campbell hasn’t done too badly either. The Lagerfeld favourite has graced the April cover of Vogue UK, not to mention she’s just everywhere – it seems no one can stop talking about the doe-eyed, long-legged equestrian. There seems to be a bit of a revival of the model-muse now, as the ever-fickle eye of the fashion industry is looking more towards its Campbells and Deyns for inspiration and away from the previously ubiquitous Hollywood starlet.

No discussion on British style icons would be complete without mentioning the Duchess of Cambridge, and it seems Kate and baby can do no wrong in their stunning McQueen, Packham or Temperley outfits, not to mention gorgeous creations by Emilia Wickstead and Prabal Gurung.

We’re not alone in this either. There was no small amount of Inghilterra infatuation during Milan Fashion Week. Moschino went for blazers and tartan kilts, slim cut suits and bow ties, while Trussardi offered a more subtle expression of London love, as Umit Benan sent his models down the runway in trench coats, pleated skirts and low-heeled boots.

As for Paris Fashion Week, we still can’t stop talking about Sarah Burton’s Tudor inspired collection for Alexander McQueen. The British designer produced a stunning interpretation of Elizabethan fashion, from dramatic slashed sleeves to the gorgeous filigree pearl embroidery.

Whatever the reason (Kate), we celebrate the Union Jack this month for its inspirational, enviable contributions to style.

Toodle pip.