EVENT Chanel Numéros Privés exhibition opening

WHERE The Museum of Medical Sciences

Happenings: The quiet Sheung Wan neighbourhood was exceptionally busy on the opening night of Chanel’s Numéros Privés exhibition. The heritage building was transformed into Maison Chanel for three nights only. The brand’s iconic products, from 2.55 chain bags to tweed jackets, high jewellery and signature No 5 fragrance, were showcased in 10 exhibition halls. We spotted party regulars Hilary Tsui and Wyman Wong having fun at the claw crane where, instead of capsule toys, the goodies were samples of Chanel fragrances. Tsui was lucky and got two goodie bags in one go. The brand also flew in “it” girl Alice Dellal – the star of the latest campaign for Chanel’s Boy bag collection – and Russian fashion writer Miroslava Duma for the party. Dellal was seen taking photos of local celebrities such as make-up artist Zing using her Polaroid camera. The night saw a starry line-up including Canto-pop idol Kelly Chen, architect Andre Fu and supermodels Du Juan and He Sui. Attended by Vivian Chen


Chic Chat with Andre Fu:

  • How do you like the exhibition?
    Fashion exhibitions don’t take place very often in Hong Kong, at least not on this impressive scale. If it’s a retrospective of a designer, like Vivienne Westwood’s exhibition, then it’s different.

  • What would you have done if you were the curator?
    I guess I’d start by studying the essence of each product, to genuinely understand the essence of the culture and bring it out. Recently, I have been studying Indonesian culture. Fabric patterns that are not usually considered fashionable have certain elements that you can extract and reinterpret in your own design.

  • Do you covet anything from the Chanel collection?
    I’m always intrigued by the tweed fabrics because of the texture’s intricacy. The material’s thickness and the fact that it was woven together fascinate me. It’s sort of like the city’s grid.

  • Do you see yourself doing fashion collaborations in the future?
    There are possibilities, but I think my core work will probably still be in hospitality.


So these 2.55 chain bags were actually used by Coco Chanel herself? They are still in great condition, quite a worthwhile investment.