EVENT Coral Garden by Vivian Luk Fashion Show

WHERE Island Shangri-la'

Happenings: Vivian Luk, who formerly worked with Vera Wang, has made her name as the go-to designer for celebrities when it comes to weddings and red carpet appearances. Her A-list clientele includes Cathy Chui Chi-kay and Guo Jingjing. The newly-wed designer hosted an intimate fashion preview to showcase a fabulous collection of evening gowns inspired by the organic curves and natural palettes of corals. She expressed the theme through ultra-feminine and structured gowns, some of which featured contrasting colours. Many of the designer’s former clients, friends and relatives turned up to support her, including Jenny Chau, Jeremy and Nicola Young and Melissa Fok. Attended by Vivian Chen


CHIC CHAT with Vivian Luk:

  • Tell us about your inspirations.
    [This collection] is inspired by underwater life. I love everything fantasy. And also, weddings are always romantic. Originally, I wanted it to be about mermaids but then decided it might be too cheesy. The leaves and lines in corals, their texture and colours are easier for people to imagine.

  • Who is a Vivian Luk woman?
    She has to be comfortable with what she wears and needs to be passionate about things. She needs to be able to reach out and dream, but is not afraid to fall in love and show her vulnerability.

  • Do you enjoy working with a client or on your own collection?
    I need a bit of both because I don’t think I can ever do things in a routine. I don’t like being pigeonholed. If I only stuck with my own ideas, I might be too distant from my clientele. When I work with my clients, I become inspired. Many of my guests told me that they could see their dresses somewhere in the runway collection.

  • Have your designs changed now that you are married?
    I think now my designs are more romantic. Now it’s more about how I can make a woman glow. I have to really show it in the dresses.

  • What’s next for you?
    The next collection will be more experimental. It probably won’t be as radical as casual wear, but it will be something cocktail. I feel I have said enough about bridal and evening gowns with the collection I have now, so I can move on to something simpler, something less of a corset and away from the body.


Her dresses are definitely making me want to renew my vows, but I’d probably need to go on a strict diet to fit into the gowns.