All eyes were on Raf Simons when he made his debut as Dior’s designer last year and now his pieces are finally in stores. To celebrate his first ready-to-wear collection for Dior, Simons collaborated with a string of buyer boutiques across the globe, including Hong Kong’s Joyce, for a special project. For the Hong Kong leg, Dior’s iconic “Bar” jacket was reinterpreted into five exclusive looks available at Joyce. 

Well-heeled tai tais and young stylish socialites turned out en masse at the launch cocktail. We spotted trendy sisters Ingrid and Charlotte Chen in the same orange blazer from the event’s collection, but each came up with their own mix-and-match and interpretations for two very different looks. Model couple Jocelyn and Anthony Sandstrom were in work mode at the party as Anthony spinned for the night. Guests, including Anina Ho, Ming Tang, Joe Ma and wife Karen, were happy to see that after a whirlwind designer crisis, Dior’s making a strong comeback with the talented Simons. Attended by Vivian Chen



LYNN XIONG                                                   ANINA HO

CHIC CHAT with Charlotte Chen:

  • What do you think of Raf Simons' first collection for Dior?

    His silhouettes are simple. I've always liked his style and aesthetics. I think he has given Dior a new identity and I like what I'm looking at now. I think [this Dior collection] is significantly nicer than previous ones.

  • Are you lusting after anything from the new collection?

    The comma-heel shoes are quite cool. The heels have a really specific angle. That really caught my attention.

  • Do you have a must-buy item for the season?
    I'm not really an "it" item kind of girl. I love prints. Anything that has an explosion of prints on it makes me happy, like this Peter Pilotto dress I'm wearing.

  • Fashion journalist Suzy Menke's comments on peacocking bloggers during the fashion week stirred up quite a discussion. Which side are you on since you blog too?
    I don't really consider myself a blogger because it's not my career. I did it because I was invited by Elle magazine and thought it would be interesting to see how people react when I put myself out there. I actually dislike the idea of blogging because I feel bloggers seem to offer advertorials. I don't like bloggers, especially fashion bloggers. They go to Zara and put a bunch of random things together and they think they have an understanding of fashion, whereas fashion writers know the history of the brand, the change of hands.


Are these mini dresses or tops? Oh well, so much for versatile lengths.