CHANEL Inspired by costume jewellery, the handcarved Bijou frames feature sides crafted to resemble cobweb lace while the iconic double C sits beneath, HK$10,400




LOUIS VUITTON Possession PM Ebony offers a quirky alternative for a cruise or resort getaway, HK$15,400






ALAIN MIKLI Eye Style doubles as an earring, created by Delfina Delettrez Fendi and embellished with an enamelled silver eye, HK$16,070






CARTIER The luxurious Santos de Cartier shades have brown polarised lenses with a touch of Champagne golden finish, perfect for summer, HK$13,200




UGO CACCIATORI The handmade metallic frames are made of sterling silver while the rest is made from completely biodegradable material. A musthave for eco-friendly shoppers, HK$18,900




LINDA FARROW Look sss-tylish with these exotic snake-skin shades, HK$10,010