EVENT Cartier High Jewellery Gala Dinner
WHERE Grand Ballroom, Four Seasons


HAPPENINGS: Even glamorous former actress Brigitte Lin couldn’t steal the spotlight from the HK$172 million centrepiece at Cartier’s high-jewellery presentation – a more than 42ct Kashmir blue diamond. The piece, along with 200 other high jewellery items, were on display at the lavishly decorated and highly secured ballroom in Central.

The star-studded guest list included James Tien Pei-chun, Eliza Fok, Brandon and Jenny Chau and Adrian Cheng. A jazz band supplied live music, while a songstress set the tempo with catchy tunes, such as Can’t Get You Out of My Head. Abstract scenery inspired by the sun, snow, and garden and urban landscape was projected onto the decorative curtains to match various design themes. The night ended on a high note with models surprising guests in display cases hidden at every table.


Those precious stones and their price tags have left me speechless!



CHIC CHAT with Brigitte Lin

Tell us about a precious piece you have from Cartier.
I bought a diamond tiara from Cartier for my daughters, but they don’t want it so I will wear it when I turn 60.

What do you love about jewellery?
Jewellery is long lasting and adds beauty [to women].

You are a style icon. How did you develop your elegance through the years?
Like everyone else, I have different roles in my life. I try to fulfil each of them. For example, at my daughter’s pre-school opening, I was a caring mum. Tonight, I’m all dressed up and I enjoy my role as a celebrity.

Do you miss making movies?
I do miss those days. Acting is like an addiction. I love being in movies, but I’m not returning to the industry.