Why: Feeling the itch to hit the road, this sweltering summer? Move like Mick Jagger on Austrian motor home marque Marchi Mobile's humongous - 12 metres long, and yes, we hear you - spaceship-lookalike eleMMent Palazzo.

The rock-star-proof mobile home's spacious 30-square-metre interior and 20-square-metre roof terrace is lavishly decorated. A pop-out living area on the side of the vehicle can provide 80 per cent more space.

The unit is completely automatically controlled - with just the push of a button, you can control the pop-out area, video surveillance, the sun roof, the floor heating systems and the 40-inch TV sets.

Think the limited space restrains its level of decadence? The home away from home is equipped with rain shower, multimedia entertainment system and lighting which is electronically controlled for either a '70s disco night or a romantic dinner.

Au naturel wooden floorboards and Victorian-style gilded door and window frames also add to the vehicle's luxurious ambience. It will definitely stand out on the road with its glow-in-the-dark paint on the exterior and, if that's not fancy enough for you, go for a 24ct gold-plated look, or a Pink Panther version, for the vehicle offers plenty of customisation possibilities.

It's not just the aerodynamic look that impresses - the world's most expensive recreational vehicle features a 510 brake-horsepower engine that allows a top speed of 149km/h. The exclusive king of the road is produced in a limited series of five every year.